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Here is some stuff I have been working on. This is my first post, I’ve been lurking the past couple of weeks.

I have to get a christmas gift for my 13-year old cousin Arnaud, but I have no idea what to give him. Any crochet ideas for boys?

This is a shawl I’m working on. This is just my first try at the pattern, if it turns out as fabulous as I hope it will, I’ll make one for my grandma too. It’s really elegant and I hope I finish soon.

This is one of the basic birds I made. It’s hot hot pink, not as pale as pictured. I’m going to give it to my cousin this Christmas because he learned me to crochet when I visited my family in Argentina. (yes, a guy!)

This is my favourite piece! A casse

tte cover I designed myself. the sides were the difficult part. It’s a really bright red, I don’t think the picture shows that enough. The button is a blue plastic ship ūüôā It’s for a tape trade I’m doing with some friends. My tape is bird themed.

Thanks for looking!

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Getting into the Christmassy spirit, I just finished making this poinsettia:

crocheted poinsettia

The finished piece is about 6.5″ in diameter. I also designed a simpler version with only one row of petals and smaller leaves. I can write up and post the patterns for both, if anyone is interested?

 UPDATE: The pattern is finished! http://www.planetjune.com/blog/free-crochet-patterns/poinsettia/

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Rosie the mini doggie

This is going to be part of a Christmas giveaway that I am taking part in on Monday.


Rosie was made from the Mini Doggie pattern.

I almost don’t want to give her up!

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This cute pillow can be made in record time!

And i think it can be a cute Christmas present ūüôā

For more information and photos you can go to my blog.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

And happy crochet ūüôā

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Baby Flower..

Hi everyone

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† I just wanted to Share with u my new baby…She was asked for..she is made as x-mas gift for 6mond baby girl… i hope she likes it..my nelley eley allready got a good home..now i take custome ordards..next one i will make is for a little boy…Flower¬† This is flower..img_1858.jpg¬†tell me wht u guys think??img_1853.jpgShe is as playfull as her oldersis…Thank You..


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My First Post

Hi, everyone. This is my first time posting here, although I’ve been crocheting like a mad-woman lately, trying to get things made for the holidays.

So far, I have a stocking for my daughter, done in purple at her request:

Stocking 2

I also have a traditional red stocking for the new baby in the family, as well as a hi-top shoes & “basketball” gift set. (I was going to put black lines on the ball so it’d look like a basketball, but they looked tacky, so I took them out.) The patterns for the booties & ball came from past issues of Crochet Today magazine.

Crocheted Red Stocking


I’ll be crocheting at least two more stockings in the near future. I also have plans to make a sweater/coat, a adult afghan, and some baby items for the next new addition that will arrive in March, among a lot of other things.

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Snowball ornament ..


¬†¬†¬†¬† Ready for x-mas?? if not i hope this inspires u! ¬†snow ball ornament…

¬† ¬†pop comes out santa baby….

This would be perfect gift for someone..who loves to collect ornaments..¬†for size..he is about 1 1/2″ long.. ¬†second pic..to show u size.. for n e one who is interasted this little ornament will be avilable in my shop…

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Thank you everyone…He is my own pattern!!


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Little x-mas Elfs…

hi everyone i know its too ealry for x-mas but..i just wanteed to share.. next one i made are small enought to fin in ur palms and they also sit..

all my work is free form..and all my patterns..and none of my work will look like the other..b/c i never write down the pattern.. and all my work is on sale..on my shop..http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5341493 thank you everyone for looking….

                                                                ~ Saloni~

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My Little Monster

little monster

Here is my last Halloween project.¬† This is my little monster made¬†from a pattern I purchased from Emily¬†Millers Emporium on Etsy.¬† It was actually¬† for a ghost¬†but she suggested getting creative and making a monster from the same basic shape. So I did. Didn’t get time to make a ghost. ¬†I have started on some things for Christmas(not all¬†crochet) but nothing¬†ready to post here.¬† Was bound and determined to finish what little I was doing for Halloween before jumping into Christmas.¬† Now¬† I can go for it!

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one skein scarf

A quick project (and an early Christmas present for myself!): the one skein scarf!

one skein scarf

I made this in Red Heart Soft Touch yarn and I think it’s just right for the current chilly weather.¬†

The pattern is from the book ‘Stitch ‘n Bitch Crochet:¬†The Happy Hooker’ but it’s available for FREE from the Patons website.

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Candy Corn Man


Sorry, no Christmas yet.¬† Hope that’s Ok.¬† But I’m working on some things. Here’s my little Candy Corn Man courtesy of¬† a pattern I got from Stormycrochet at Etsy. I thought he was so cute so I made one of him for my kids also.¬† Since they are fairly recent homeowners they haven’t had time to accumulate¬† yet.¬† I just am helping them along.¬† I am enjoying the little amigurumis because they give some quick gratification of finishing something.¬† I have a little monster that I’m just finishing up so I’ll get a pic posted here for you to see.¬† Then on to Christmas.

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I almost never crochet things for myself. I’ve gotten most of my experience by doing little gifts for other people. But for this topic, I decided a little Christmas present for myself would be a cute little rag rug to go underneath our piano. I used the pattern found on the sidebar here. One thing that I am learning is that no matter how consistent the sizes of my stitches are, the type of material makes a big difference, too. The coral pink rows on this rug are made from a thick knit top, so it changed the size of the stitch. But hey, at least I’m learning something! ūüėÄ

rag rug

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Sorry so late

but i finally have pics from the amigurumi-along. hopefully this works; i tried to post this before but messed it up. anyway, the teddy bear is my first project and the bunny was the next step in my new obsession, ha! i think they are both just a tad bit wonky but i’m so happy with them! gotta get started on xmas now…

scott bear

best bunny

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A Little Vroomie

I have finally finished my first Christmas present. It is one of the Vroomies, a pattern that I purchased from Chez Plum.

I think my best friend’s daughter is going to love it.

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New theme!

The new theme is here – welcome to the Christmas Crochet Along!

Remember this theme is very broad – you can crochet Christmas-related items (e.g. snowflakes, tree ornaments) or Christmas gifts for others (e.g. anything crocheted) or even a gift for yourself. There are lots of pattern ideas in the sidebar, and if you find any other great free patterns, please send them to me (craft@planetjune.com) and I’ll add them to the list.

Enjoy the new theme!

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Okay, one last amigurumi out of me before we move on to holiday gifts! I made Happy Poo, and it’s pretty much the cutest thing I’ve ever crocheted. I love it!

Here’s my little happy poo:

happy poo

Well, I’ll see you all tomorrow when we start crocheting our holiday gifts!

Holli Jo

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