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Oficially the Christmas season started saturday.

Let’s fill our houses with crochet ornaments!


Here is my first contribution ūüôā

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My Little Monster

little monster

Here is my last Halloween project.¬† This is my little monster made¬†from a pattern I purchased from Emily¬†Millers Emporium on Etsy.¬† It was actually¬† for a ghost¬†but she suggested getting creative and making a monster from the same basic shape. So I did. Didn’t get time to make a ghost. ¬†I have started on some things for Christmas(not all¬†crochet) but nothing¬†ready to post here.¬† Was bound and determined to finish what little I was doing for Halloween before jumping into Christmas.¬† Now¬† I can go for it!

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Candy Corn Man


Sorry, no Christmas yet.¬† Hope that’s Ok.¬† But I’m working on some things. Here’s my little Candy Corn Man courtesy of¬† a pattern I got from Stormycrochet at Etsy. I thought he was so cute so I made one of him for my kids also.¬† Since they are fairly recent homeowners they haven’t had time to accumulate¬† yet.¬† I just am helping them along.¬† I am enjoying the little amigurumis because they give some quick gratification of finishing something.¬† I have a little monster that I’m just finishing up so I’ll get a pic posted here for you to see.¬† Then on to Christmas.

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Sorry so late

but i finally have pics from the amigurumi-along. hopefully this works; i tried to post this before but messed it up. anyway, the teddy bear is my first project and the bunny was the next step in my new obsession, ha! i think they are both just a tad bit wonky but i’m so happy with them! gotta get started on xmas now…

scott bear

best bunny

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Okay, one last amigurumi out of me before we move on to holiday gifts! I made Happy Poo, and it’s pretty much the cutest thing I’ve ever crocheted. I love it!

Here’s my little happy poo:

happy poo

Well, I’ll see you all tomorrow when we start crocheting our holiday gifts!

Holli Jo

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I did it!

I finally know the excitement that everyone feels as they finish their first amigurumi! Thanks to encouragement and inspiration from the ladies here, i finished the “Scott the Bear” free pattern from the Lion Brand website. I am waiting on my friend’s camera cord to post a picture, and in the meantime I am working away on the free bunny pattern from the same site. Working in the round/using a stitch marker isn’t scary after all! ūüôā

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I finally finished!

Okay, with major help from Eve (and from somebody else who suggested using a stitch marker – thank you!), I finally finished my Basic Birds. I had to redo the first one I made about five times, but the second one went much more smoothly.

I am still in shock that I made something round…it makes me feel that I could go on and tackle bigger things!

Anyway, here’s the picture:

basic birdies

My husband named the one on the right Hector. We’re not sure what the pink one’s name is.

**One question for those who made Basic Bird — I haven’t attached the felt beaks yet. How did you attach them? Thanks!

Thanks for the help, Eve! You’re the best; I couldn’t have finished these without you. ūüôā

Holli Jo

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