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vase of daffodils

Well, the vase itself isn’t ‘small crochet’, but the crocheted flowers are 4″ each, so I’m calling it a Small Crochet project! I designed these because I can’t wait any longer for springtime to arrive:

crocheted daffodils

If you’d like to make your own daffodils, I’ll add the pattern link into our sidebar, and the pattern is also up on my website: http://www.planetjune.com/blog/free-crochet-patterns/daffodils/

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My seven year old son and six year old step-daughter want to start a band.  (The result of my son receiving an “I Can Play Guitar” from Santa for Christmas! LOL) They each want a beanie and a wristband, but I can’t seem to find patterns that I like.

Last time I tried to make a beanie it came out about 3 sizes too small even though I used larger yarn, a larger hook, and looser tension than the pattern required, so …:-)

Any ideas where I can find such patterns? Anyone have them that would be willing to share? They already picked out their yarns … Bernat Camoflage in blue for my son and pink for my step-daughter.

Thanks for any ideas in advance!!!!


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Mini Geisha Ami DollHere is my little Ami Geisha Doll.  She stands 4 inches tall, tip to tip.  I am addicted to Amigurumi and creating my own designs.  Once I get the patterns finalized, I will post them on my blog.  She was really fun to make.

minigeisha2.jpgHere is her side view.

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Bride and Groom

Bride and Groom

Well, the couple is complete.  I had to make a groom to go with the bride, and here is the happy couple.  The grooms hat is constructed from felt.

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HK Bride 1As a special request from my niece, I made a HK Amigurumi.  She is an avid HK fan and collector.  Since that first piece, I am addicted.  Here is my recent completed project, an HK Bride, with her little Bridal bouquet. 

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Easter Hatchlings

A fist full of first…My first post…My very first crochet project – Easter Hatchlings., based on the acorn pattern at PlanetJune.

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Easter Hatchlings

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Details… A Flower

Here, submitted for your viewing pleasure, is my newest tiny crochet.

This is a flower, created to prettify a sweater with poorly chosen colors, and it worked! The pattern is online somewhere, just a flower, but I switched colors for each round to get the multi-layer effect.

Happy Spring! (Or Fall, depending on your locale.) (Here’s the whole sweater, for those who wanted to see:click me!)

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