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vase of daffodils

Well, the vase itself isn’t ‘small crochet’, but the crocheted flowers are 4″ each, so I’m calling it a Small Crochet project! I designed these because I can’t wait any longer for springtime to arrive:

crocheted daffodils

If you’d like to make your own daffodils, I’ll add the pattern link into our sidebar, and the pattern is also up on my website: http://www.planetjune.com/blog/free-crochet-patterns/daffodils/

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My seven year old son and six year old step-daughter want to start a band.  (The result of my son receiving an “I Can Play Guitar” from Santa for Christmas! LOL) They each want a beanie and a wristband, but I can’t seem to find patterns that I like.

Last time I tried to make a beanie it came out about 3 sizes too small even though I used larger yarn, a larger hook, and looser tension than the pattern required, so …:-)

Any ideas where I can find such patterns? Anyone have them that would be willing to share? They already picked out their yarns … Bernat Camoflage in blue for my son and pink for my step-daughter.

Thanks for any ideas in advance!!!!


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Mini Geisha Ami DollHere is my little Ami Geisha Doll.  She stands 4 inches tall, tip to tip.  I am addicted to Amigurumi and creating my own designs.  Once I get the patterns finalized, I will post them on my blog.  She was really fun to make.

minigeisha2.jpgHere is her side view.

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Bride and Groom

Bride and Groom

Well, the couple is complete.  I had to make a groom to go with the bride, and here is the happy couple.  The grooms hat is constructed from felt.

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HK Bride 1As a special request from my niece, I made a HK Amigurumi.  She is an avid HK fan and collector.  Since that first piece, I am addicted.  Here is my recent completed project, an HK Bride, with her little Bridal bouquet. 

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Easter Hatchlings

A fist full of first…My first post…My very first crochet project – Easter Hatchlings., based on the acorn pattern at PlanetJune.

read more…

Easter Hatchlings

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Details… A Flower

Here, submitted for your viewing pleasure, is my newest tiny crochet.

This is a flower, created to prettify a sweater with poorly chosen colors, and it worked! The pattern is online somewhere, just a flower, but I switched colors for each round to get the multi-layer effect.

Happy Spring! (Or Fall, depending on your locale.) (Here’s the whole sweater, for those who wanted to see:click me!)

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First post :D

Hiya! I joined sometime ago and I finally made something I thought worth posting as my introductory post. Heehee.. So here I am! 🙂 I’ve been crocheting for a few years now. I come from Singapore but now live in Italy. Uhm… I usually make amigurimi-s(free-forms). I’m really quite bad at writing up patterns but will try to if you like any of my creations. Just holla. Haha.. Without further ado, what I have done in these days:

Dolly! (my first attempt at fur stitch, for more info, visit my blog :P)

A couple of headbands:
braided headband
Braided headband (one of the free patterns from LionBrand)
love headband
Love Knot headband (two rows of love knots)

Happy crocheting everyone! 😀

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amigurumi mug of cocoa and beignets

I made these little ‘sugar free’ goodies for an ami swap I was in. I got the mug pattern off crochet central but added a few extra rows. I made up the saucer and beignets…nothing fancy but I thought they were cute!

tea for one

I sent this along with the swap….my partner had asked for a bookthong…..she likes tea   I made up a little crocheted teabag bookthong for her.    I didn’t really have a pattern…..I just crocheted a rectangle, folded it like a tea bag and stitched it together with a bit of stuffing inside to help keep its shape………

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Spiral Dishcloths

For some reason, I’ve been hooked on making dishcloths & scrubbies lately. (No pun intended.) I think it’s because the patterns are easy to remember and I don’t have any large projects going on at the moment. These are from a book I purchased recently.

Sprial Trio

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Lil’ Plane

I made this to go in a basket for a special someone’s first Easter. It’s tiny and cute; fits in the palm of your hand.

Lil' Airplane daPlane

The pattern is available for free: Inner Child Crochet – Miniature Stuffed Airplane

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Mini BasketAmigurumi Chihuahua

 I did the basket already a few days ago. And yesterday, while I was waiting for some corrections on a pattern I am testing to arrive, I managed to get the Chi out of my ravelry queue.

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My happy bunny

amigurumi bunny

Here is my second entry. I have to thank June for chatting with me this morning. I had my bunny’s body done but she had no ears. I was inspired by this blogger and her so so cute bunnies but she wouldn’t spill her secrets about a pattern so I had to wing it. I know the ears aren’t the same and I am not super talented enough to make little clothes for my bunny but I do love the way she turned out. I’m thinking of calling her Honey. Any other suggestions? Oh…and I would LOVE to put blush on her just like in the link above but I am so scared that I will not like it…decisions decisions.

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Just making it in under the 6″ limit, I’ve been making a new dog. This one is a German Shepherd:

crocheted german shepherd

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I have been busy crocheting as my kids are having exams and I don’t switch on the TV (distraction for them and me lol ) . I made a few halfcircle purses (pattern found here) 

I made them using size 20 rayon thread and a rope type yarn called RS Dori bought in Chennai. half circle purse

I also converted an edging pattern found at mypicot.com to a choker/necklace . Hope you like what I have made for this cal:) choker

Now I am off to crochet my dd a fashion doll outfit:)


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Because I got some requests for the pattern, I wrote out a graph for the camouflage potholder. It can be found here.

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Little Hoot pattern

little hoot bookthong

Hi everyone,

I’ve had some interest in this little book thong. Here is the link to the pattern.

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Hello all! I just joined because I did my first small crochet project last night. It actually started out as a turtle…but ended up looking like a puppy so I added a few little ears. Don’t mind the dust in the photo.

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little hoot bookthong

Last month for a swap,  I looked for a crocheted owl bookmark but only found the ‘filet’ type.    I don’t do filet crochet so I came up with my own….it turned out pretty cute but I didn’t write down how I made it.

My kids both wanted one so I had to make another one…..this one is just as cute….now my kids are putting in ‘orders…’

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My 2nd small crochet


It was up to 15 cm, right? Well, they fit that perfectly, cause they are exactly 15 cm each side – and btw, the first potholders I ever made 😀

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my small crochet piece

scrunchiesHi all here is my first small crocheted piece for this crochet along. I made these scrunchies using Indian yarn called Vardhaman Feather yarn.

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Sneaky little mouse

little gray mouse

I crocheted this little mouse for an apron swap I’m in. My partner has 3 cats ….thought this would be cute to add……for her kitties, of course!
He is soooooooo sneaky though…..I caught him munching on some cheese!

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White Mage

I got to test this pattern via crochetville. But I didn’t like how the original version of the robe turned out (might’ve just been my fault, but looked clumsy), so I came up with my own version.

White Mage completedWhite Mage Completed

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Little Scrubbies

This pattern is fun and addictive! Each one measures about 3″ in diameter, and they seem to work great for washing dishes. Could also be used as a bath scrubbie. The pattern is on the sidebar somewhere under Spiral Scrubbies. Once I made the piece of material by the pattern, I did the rest on my own in a way that made sense to me.


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Something Old: I’m a little behind on posting for my Granny Square project, but I still wanted to show it off. The photo isn’t true to the colors; it’s so much prettier in person. I love the thing, and I’m really glad I used the colors I did (except for one, but I’ll keep that to myself :)). I tried to just use yarns in my stash, which I nearly accomplished. I only had to buy one to complete it. I actually finished this in the middle of February, about two weeks after I started it, but I was just today able to get a photo taken.

Around the Block 2

And now for Something New: I’ve been going a little Amigurumi crazy since the first of March. These little guys worked up so quick and easy, I couldn’t resist making one of each.


Not counting the little feet, they meet the 6″ or under smallness. The patterns can be found on the Lion Brand web site. The pattern for these two little guys are also on that site:

Bear Buds

They’re a mere 4″ tall and are so much cuter in person. I made the one with the yellow for the newest baby in the family to put in his Easter basket.

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