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Just before the deadline….!

I just made these for my friend’s son’s 5th birthday (it was the 21st of June).  I am totally pleased with the way they came out.  I had grand expectations to finish Splinter the Rat before the birthday but i’m not so good at forcing myself to finish projects by a certain date – it seems to take the fun out of making it!

Teenage Mutuant Ninja Turtles – complete with eye masks and belt








Yes – they are napping on my bed before they had to be locked in a box for the party!

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I don’t know what it’s like where you live, but it’s been really hot here this week! Unfortunately my polar bear can’t really keep me cool, but he’s keeping me happy, anyway:

crocheted polar bear close up

Remember, theme change approaching on July 1st: the new month-long theme will be WIP (Work In Progress) – a perfect opportunity to finish up some of those crochet projects you started and didn’t get around to finishing! We don’t have a banner image for the theme yet… Eve was going to make one, but she’s indisposed. Would anyone like to volunteer to make one? Let me know if you do!

The parameters:

  • Text has to say ‘Crochet Along’, and WIP or Work in Progress – you can choose!
  • Size of image is 760 pixels wide by 190 pixels high.
  • Any images you use must be copyright free, or you must get the permission of the copyright holder(s) before we can use the banner.

If there are no takers, I’ll whip up a banner for us on June 30th 🙂

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planetjune contest!

Hey All,

I’ve been running PlanetJune for 2 years now, and to celebrate I’d like to invite all you Crochet Alongers over to enter my 2nd blogiversary contest!

You can win a pattern of your choice from my pattern store, or this adorable PocketAmi mouse:

win a PocketAmi mouse! 

Contest closes Friday 20th at 5pm EST. Hope to see you there!

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This is the little manatee I made for Heather over at Frankenpug. She won my 100th post give away!
Since he is a water baby, I thought he would fit with the Summer theme…..

I can’t share the pattern as it wasn’t my design…….but it sure is cute!

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Mr. Rabbit

Here’s my new guy!  I think he turned out pretty cute.  I’m really in to using buttons right now – i seem to want to put them on everything.

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Here is a pattern I wrote over a year ago, it was on another blog but I thought you guys might like to see it again. It’s super quick and a really good way to use up some of that scrappy yarn lying around.

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This is my new little friend “Cleo the Cat”.  She likes to hang out in the bookselves and spy on interesting new characters.

I made Cleo out of some vintage varigated yarn that I found at a thrift shop and she is wearing a little off white t-shirt with vintage buttons sewn on the front.  I made the pattern as I was going, but if you’d like the pattern i’ll try and scratch one out.



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amigurumi jellyfish

These fall under Summer….seeing these little guys at the beach make me cringe but these 2 cuties have no stinging power! The pattern is on my blog………

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The Octosibs

Here are my 3 OctoSibs for a swap I’m in. I put little flowers on the larger blue one but didn’t take a picture until later. I found the patterns online for free on craftster and flickr

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The Great Dane is a little over 15 cm (in fact, he’s 17 cm), but his fellow little Chi measures only 5 cm (ears included!), so together I guess they’ll fit the theme.


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Lil Lambkins

My newst Amigurumi – I thought I was going to add her to my collection, but my daughter snagged it before I had a chance to find a spot for her. She stands 4inches tall.

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HK Ladybug

              My newest addition to my HK family – my Ladybug.  She stands 4-1/2 inches tall.  Just in time for Spring (or summer).  

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Buster Bear

Here is Buster Bear, my first mini jointed teddy bear.  I am pleased with how it came out and quite surprised on how easy it was.  I am anxious to try it on other Amigurumi now and see the results.

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Hoorah! Henny Penny is finished. Now for those Henny Pennyexperienced in the craft, this project would have taken an hour or so. But for me it is quite an achievement to complete it in a day and a bit (sooner if I hadn’t run out of materials). The children also helped: by leaving me be for long enough to get it done! Who would have thought that this would have been so addictive!!

Pattern Link (pdf file)

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Here is my Kangaroo and her little Joey. She is 7.5 cm high (excluding ears). My daughter has already requested a pink companion. Read more…

Kangaroo Kangaroo and Joey

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Mini Geisha Ami DollHere is my little Ami Geisha Doll.  She stands 4 inches tall, tip to tip.  I am addicted to Amigurumi and creating my own designs.  Once I get the patterns finalized, I will post them on my blog.  She was really fun to make.

minigeisha2.jpgHere is her side view.

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Bride and Groom

Bride and Groom

Well, the couple is complete.  I had to make a groom to go with the bride, and here is the happy couple.  The grooms hat is constructed from felt.

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HK Bride 1As a special request from my niece, I made a HK Amigurumi.  She is an avid HK fan and collector.  Since that first piece, I am addicted.  Here is my recent completed project, an HK Bride, with her little Bridal bouquet. 

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Easter Hatchlings

A fist full of first…My first post…My very first crochet project – Easter Hatchlings., based on the acorn pattern at PlanetJune.

read more…

Easter Hatchlings

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Mini BasketAmigurumi Chihuahua

 I did the basket already a few days ago. And yesterday, while I was waiting for some corrections on a pattern I am testing to arrive, I managed to get the Chi out of my ravelry queue.

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My happy bunny

amigurumi bunny

Here is my second entry. I have to thank June for chatting with me this morning. I had my bunny’s body done but she had no ears. I was inspired by this blogger and her so so cute bunnies but she wouldn’t spill her secrets about a pattern so I had to wing it. I know the ears aren’t the same and I am not super talented enough to make little clothes for my bunny but I do love the way she turned out. I’m thinking of calling her Honey. Any other suggestions? Oh…and I would LOVE to put blush on her just like in the link above but I am so scared that I will not like it…decisions decisions.

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Just making it in under the 6″ limit, I’ve been making a new dog. This one is a German Shepherd:

crocheted german shepherd

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White Mage

I got to test this pattern via crochetville. But I didn’t like how the original version of the robe turned out (might’ve just been my fault, but looked clumsy), so I came up with my own version.

White Mage completedWhite Mage Completed

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Hello Everyone!

I’m new the group. June kindly explained to a blogging newbie that I did not need to have a word-press blog just a user-name to join your wonderful group! Thank you June! I am based in Scotland and am brand new to blogging and running my own website, but not to crochet! I am a huge Granny fan who wants to learn how to make Amigurumi which is why this group seemed so ideal. The work on here is beautiful and now I am ‘official’ I can actually comment instead of just going ‘ahhhh’ all the time.

My own Grannies are pretty basic and mostly blankets for charity but I have tried the odd bag, sachet, cushion etc using Grannies too as they are so versatile!? This blanket is fresh off the hook and I thought I would share it. It is a combinations of stash squares and yarn and a burst of inspiration that finally helped me to see what I could do with them together:

Denim Blanket 

I am looking forward to getting to know everyone and admiring your lovely work some more.

Best Wishes, Lindsay :0)

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Hello!  I am a brand spanking new member of Crochet Along and glad to be!  I wanted to share a project that I made for my friends brand new baby girl.  Her name is Beatrice the Bunny. I’ve only been crocheting for about 4 months or so and this is one of my very first completed Amigurumi and I think she came out pretty well.  I especially like that her dress is removeable so that I can make all kinds of cute clothes for her.  Please let me know what you think.

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