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Okay, remember back during the Granny Square theme, when I posted a pic like this, swearing I would finish it sometime before I die, and promising a post when I was done?

one strip



96 multi-color squares. 97, if you count the 17th that got stuck on a row of 16, by accident, discovered when trying to join strips and attempting to figure out what the heck I did. 96 squares of weaving in ends, having to redo because my tension was funny, and I ACTUALLY BROKE A HOOK. I wore it out.

I can’t believe I actually finished this. *phew*

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Something Old: I’m a little behind on posting for my Granny Square project, but I still wanted to show it off. The photo isn’t true to the colors; it’s so much prettier in person. I love the thing, and I’m really glad I used the colors I did (except for one, but I’ll keep that to myself :)). I tried to just use yarns in my stash, which I nearly accomplished. I only had to buy one to complete it. I actually finished this in the middle of February, about two weeks after I started it, but I was just today able to get a photo taken.

Around the Block 2

And now for Something New: I’ve been going a little Amigurumi crazy since the first of March. These little guys worked up so quick and easy, I couldn’t resist making one of each.


Not counting the little feet, they meet the 6″ or under smallness. The patterns can be found on the Lion Brand web site. The pattern for these two little guys are also on that site:

Bear Buds

They’re a mere 4″ tall and are so much cuter in person. I made the one with the yellow for the newest baby in the family to put in his Easter basket.

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finished granny throw!

Better late than never (and I’m only slightly late), here’s my finished Granny Squares project:

granny throw

I’m really glad I took the time to add the 4th strip of squares – it was really narrow before, and I think it looks much better now. I joined the squares with slip stitch because I liked the ridged effect, and I bordered it with a row of single crochet all around the edge – the design is already busy enough, so I thought I’d keep the edging simple.

Here’s a close-up:

granny throw

See how the square is exactly the same size as the width of the top of the chair? I was hoping it would work out like that!

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Share A Square

Aside from my own blanket, I’ve been working on another big granny square project, this one for charity – it’s the brain child of one woman, Shelly and is called the Share A Square project.  Thought I’d share it at the crochet along before the month is up (just barely!).

The afghan is 48 squares created by people all over the world – you can see the tags saying who they’re from and where.  I’m adding black borders, one of my own squares  and then stitching them all together.  This is one of 140 and more blankets being made like this for kids going to cancer camp this summer.

Share A Square

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Happy Leap Day

I can’t believe they gave it a name other than Feb 29, but there you have it.

Anyway… You may already have seen this on the CRAFT: blog today, but I thought it was adorable and great for the last day of Granny Square Madness! Oddly, it kinda flows into our next theme, no?

Enjoy! (Click the pic for the link…)

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Hi there, I’m Andrea. Just joined up but have been working on a giant granny square blanket for my oldest son. He’s 4-years-old and picked out the colors and made up the color pattern.

Andrea's Giant Granny

I’m excited to crochet-along with everyone. 🙂

eta: I’m andrealea on Ravelry.

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Tetris Granny Square Blanket

Tetris Granny Squares wip

Hi all! I just joined this group but I’ve been grannying it up for awhile now! My name is Ann, and I hang around a lot on Ravelry and cross post a lot of my projects to my blog. This is my first attempt at the Granny Square motif, so I decided to combine two of my favorite things: crochet and video games. It’s quite a bit further along than that now, but I haven’t taken a photo recently.

The pattern can be found here.

One thing I’ve noticed recently is that since working on Granny Squares, I notice them everywhere, especially in old movies. Anyone else experience this? 🙂

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