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Okay, remember back during the Granny Square theme, when I posted a pic like this, swearing I would finish it sometime before I die, and promising a post when I was done?

one strip



96 multi-color squares. 97, if you count the 17th that got stuck on a row of 16, by accident, discovered when trying to join strips and attempting to figure out what the heck I did. 96 squares of weaving in ends, having to redo because my tension was funny, and I ACTUALLY BROKE A HOOK. I wore it out.

I can’t believe I actually finished this. *phew*

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Something Old: I’m a little behind on posting for my Granny Square project, but I still wanted to show it off. The photo isn’t true to the colors; it’s so much prettier in person. I love the thing, and I’m really glad I used the colors I did (except for one, but I’ll keep that to myself :)). I tried to just use yarns in my stash, which I nearly accomplished. I only had to buy one to complete it. I actually finished this in the middle of February, about two weeks after I started it, but I was just today able to get a photo taken.

Around the Block 2

And now for Something New: I’ve been going a little Amigurumi crazy since the first of March. These little guys worked up so quick and easy, I couldn’t resist making one of each.


Not counting the little feet, they meet the 6″ or under smallness. The patterns can be found on the Lion Brand web site. The pattern for these two little guys are also on that site:

Bear Buds

They’re a mere 4″ tall and are so much cuter in person. I made the one with the yellow for the newest baby in the family to put in his Easter basket.

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finished granny throw!

Better late than never (and I’m only slightly late), here’s my finished Granny Squares project:

granny throw

I’m really glad I took the time to add the 4th strip of squares – it was really narrow before, and I think it looks much better now. I joined the squares with slip stitch because I liked the ridged effect, and I bordered it with a row of single crochet all around the edge – the design is already busy enough, so I thought I’d keep the edging simple.

Here’s a close-up:

granny throw

See how the square is exactly the same size as the width of the top of the chair? I was hoping it would work out like that!

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Share A Square

Aside from my own blanket, I’ve been working on another big granny square project, this one for charity – it’s the brain child of one woman, Shelly and is called the Share A Square project.  Thought I’d share it at the crochet along before the month is up (just barely!).

The afghan is 48 squares created by people all over the world – you can see the tags saying who they’re from and where.  I’m adding black borders, one of my own squares  and then stitching them all together.  This is one of 140 and more blankets being made like this for kids going to cancer camp this summer.

Share A Square

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Happy Leap Day

I can’t believe they gave it a name other than Feb 29, but there you have it.

Anyway… You may already have seen this on the CRAFT: blog today, but I thought it was adorable and great for the last day of Granny Square Madness! Oddly, it kinda flows into our next theme, no?

Enjoy! (Click the pic for the link…)

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Hi there, I’m Andrea. Just joined up but have been working on a giant granny square blanket for my oldest son. He’s 4-years-old and picked out the colors and made up the color pattern.

Andrea's Giant Granny

I’m excited to crochet-along with everyone. 🙂

eta: I’m andrealea on Ravelry.

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Tetris Granny Square Blanket

Tetris Granny Squares wip

Hi all! I just joined this group but I’ve been grannying it up for awhile now! My name is Ann, and I hang around a lot on Ravelry and cross post a lot of my projects to my blog. This is my first attempt at the Granny Square motif, so I decided to combine two of my favorite things: crochet and video games. It’s quite a bit further along than that now, but I haven’t taken a photo recently.

The pattern can be found here.

One thing I’ve noticed recently is that since working on Granny Squares, I notice them everywhere, especially in old movies. Anyone else experience this? 🙂

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60 members!

Woohoo! We’re up to 60 members now! Welcome to all the newcomers – please feel free to post and introduce yourselves to us all.

My granny throw update: I would have finished it last night, but I tried it on my chair for size, and it’s way too narrow 😦   So now I have to make another 13 squares. I somehow don’t think I’ll finish it before the new theme starts! Oh well, I’ll wait to show you the finished throw…


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Granny square footies

Here is another view of the same footies. Sorry I did another entire post…..still getting the hang of it!

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Granny Square Footies

Granny square footies I made these little granny square footies for my daughter…..cute huh?

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Triangle granny

granny triangles

 Here are a couple of tries at a different shape granny.  Found this pattern among others on line and decided it was the one.  Just used some regular Red Heart yarns with  “I” and “G” hooks.  I think I’ll probably use the large hook and start on a new afghan.  I’m also testing out a 1/4 square granny log cabin block and starting another set of basic grannys.  ( but with lighter and brighter colors this time)   So hopefully I’ll be posting  photos of  some more new creations.  I am really enjoying seeing what everone is doing.

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Hi kids! This is not a granny-square post, except that it is… it starts off with no more than the usual chain/join/crochet-chain-crochet patterns!

Funny, the things you can do with granny circles.

I call this the $1 Shawl. Funny story! I bet my mom $1 I could finish it in a week.

I lost.

And for those who wanted to see it, here’s the Pirate Bib, to match the Pirate Booties! 🙂 (Just click on “Pirate Bib”.)

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Another Granny Project

Thank you to everyone who commented on my giant granny square afghan question.  Blocking … who knew it was actually something IMPORTANT to pay attention to? (Consider that I’d only done scarves before, where guage and blocking aren’t as essential as on other projects … lol)

 There is another granny square project that I picked up again after making only one square quite a while back.  This one is essentially for me since it will most likely be used as a deorative touch in my living room.  It’s a pillowghan … you know … an afghan that folds up into a pillow when you’re not snuggling under it? : -)  My mom has one that is a quilted version.  She bought it YEARS ago at a cfart show somewhere here in town.  I did a search for “pillowghan patterns crochet” and found a bunch of different options.  Mine will be 13 squares of 18″ each, done up with Red Heart yarn on a J hook.  (I stitch tightly … the pattern I’m using called for a G!) The main portion of each square is done in Blueberry Pie (varrigated blues and purples), with the last round and joining done in two coordinating shades of purple.

I have a feeling that it may not end up staying on the couch as planned for very long.  My son and stepson both like blues, and my stepdaughter likes purple.  I may end up having to make at least four of these in various colors! (Any chance we could extend the Granny along long enough to keep me extra motivated? LOL!)

What about unconventional uses for the squares, though? DO any of you have unusual patterns / ideas to share? I’d love to know some of them!

~ Ri

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One of Three

Hi all!  I’m a new poster, have been lurking for a while.

I have three granny square projects going right now!  One is my ongoing attempts to finish the very first crochet project I ever started (3.5 years ago).  It’s undergoing changes right now.  I knew so little about crochet then that it was the simplest of projects.  Now I want to do something more interesting with it, and I’m figuring out what.

This one below is a new project:  a 40-square lap afghan.  The flowered pattern is Mary Ellen’s Daisy Granny Square and the brown is a circle-in-square pattern I made up to go with it.  I intend it to be a checkerboard pattern eventually alternating 20 brown with 20 flowered squares.  – I have 12 squares done so far, and all 20 flowered centers.  I am also going to try adding more colors besides red and see how it looks, perhaps some other autumn colors like deep purple, soft yellow or harvest orange.  Maybe it will just end up red and brown!  One of the fun things about granny square projects is that the individual pieces allow for guesswork and testing along the way 🙂

A Collection of Squares

Cheers! ~Miriam

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Hi, everyone! I’ve been reading posts on Crochet Along for about two years now, but just decided to join.  (I know … what took me so long, right? 🙂 )

Anyway, here’s a question I hope someone can help me answer.  Last summer I started on a granny square afghan for my fiance’.  I still haven’t finished it because it keeps ruffling on me, and I’m afraid he’ll be disappointed by it.  (It was my first attempt at anything larger than a scarf.)  What am I doing wrong????



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Okay well I was *desperately* trying to finish this afghan before I posted, but due to some other projects that came up (pirate-themed baby booties, for one… no really!), I only finished one strip of 6 for the Rose Garden afghan.

The pattern was one of Annie’s Attic’s free-pattern-of-the-days awhile back, and was called Vineyard or some such thing. It was supposed to be plums and purples, but the colors they recommended weren’t available anymore. My daughter loves rose colors, so I went with dusty rose, a wine colored accent to it that seemed to match (and which I had a metric ton of), sage and ivory. It really will be pretty when it’s done, but OMG those multi-colored grannies! All 70 of them! Update: OH I’M SORRY DID I SAY 70?!  I meant 96.  NINETY-SIX.  16 squares per strip times 6 strips.  Isn’t there a song called 96 Tears?  I may start crying, especially if I don’t have enough base grannies sitting and home.  Yeesh.

Eventually it will be lovely, but in the meantime here’s a preview (and thanks Val, I will post the finished product when it’s done!):

Rose Garden

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Hello Everyone!

I’m new the group. June kindly explained to a blogging newbie that I did not need to have a word-press blog just a user-name to join your wonderful group! Thank you June! I am based in Scotland and am brand new to blogging and running my own website, but not to crochet! I am a huge Granny fan who wants to learn how to make Amigurumi which is why this group seemed so ideal. The work on here is beautiful and now I am ‘official’ I can actually comment instead of just going ‘ahhhh’ all the time.

My own Grannies are pretty basic and mostly blankets for charity but I have tried the odd bag, sachet, cushion etc using Grannies too as they are so versatile!? This blanket is fresh off the hook and I thought I would share it. It is a combinations of stash squares and yarn and a burst of inspiration that finally helped me to see what I could do with them together:

Denim Blanket 

I am looking forward to getting to know everyone and admiring your lovely work some more.

Best Wishes, Lindsay :0)

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Around the Block


This is kinda like a granny square, only a bit different. It’s the beginnings of the Round the Block afghan from the book 24-Hour Crochet Projects. Instead of making a lot of smaller squares, the square on this one will only get bigger until it becomes a 50x50ish-sized blanket.

I love the ruffles, and right now, I love the shades of pink, but that will change. I’m stash-busting as I do this project, using up worsted weight yarn in my stash that has no particular purpose. I’ve made this afghan once before and really liked the results. I think sometime I may actually make one in just the pink/reddish hues, but it’ll have to be at a time I’m not trying to use up yarns I already have. Will post the finished project when it’s done!

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kitty closeup

mouse closeup

baby afghan

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I’ve started!

I’ve picked out my colours and bought the yarn for my granny throw. It’s exciting! These are my first squares:

first granny squares

Now I just have to make another 36 squares like these…

In other news, now we have so many group members I’ve been wondering who we all are! I’ve added a new page called Users (the link is at the top, above the banner), with a list of our members and their webpages. I took the list from everyone’s wordpress accounts. If you’re not on the list and would like to be, let me know your username and website and I’ll add you! Check them out and see who else is Crocheting Along 🙂

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Double Grannies

I had a variety of baby pink yarns and thought this grannie along would be perfect to use some of it up!  What great inspiration!  So, here are some grannies I’ve been working on.  I am using 2 threads at a time to make it a bit fluffier.  It will be a baby shower gift for a friend.   I will be adding a couple crochet critters… on 2 of the squares and will submit that post when finished. 

double grannies

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Hi all!! I lost internet connection back at the farm and have not been able to post since the Amigurumi Along ended. 😦 But I did check in whenever I had a trip to town and tried to keep up with the theme. So sorry this is a little bit late, but here was my Christmas present:

a little tea set (minus the tea pot!).
And now here are my granny squares that I plan to make into a little throw for my expected bundle of joy 🙂


Thank you again Crochet Along for the wonderful themes! And I am so happy to see so many participants! Happy New Year everyone!

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A quick note from Eve

Hi everybody,

If you have been following the crochet along for a little while you might have seen that we have made a couple of changes in your administrators. I (Eve) unfortunately have not got enough time to keep going as an administrator but Tracie was happy to take over my job. Thanks Tracie it is really much appreciated! And June is still here co-administrating as well. So I guess you are in great hands. 

It seems the Crochet Along just keeps growing and growing and that’s just awesome. 50 members already!! Don’t forget to keep spreading the word. If you have a blog please put up a link there is a banner on the top right that you can use as well. The more the merrier right!

Anyway I will step down but will definately keep crocheting and will be posting my things here.

Love Eve

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dusting off the grannies

granny squares

I started these last summer sometime, but then other projects started encroaching, pretty soon my older daughter started Kindergarten, then it was Halloween things and Christmas gifts to make.  So my cotton grannies were stashed in a bag and thrown into the spare room (= messiest room in the house).  But now, with this new theme in January, even if I don’t finish the blanket/throw/whatever it is I end up making, at least I’ve remembered them again, and can hopefully make a little more progress.

Thanks for the incentive and the gentle push!



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how are you doing?

We’ve been getting lots of new members recently – I’d like to extend a warm welcome to all newcomers! Please feel free to write an introductory post to tell us a little bit about yourself so we can welcome you properly. To anyone else who would like to join, e-mail me and I’ll set you up – the more the merrier!

I’ve been doing a bit of clean-up on the site to make it easier for us to use. The links in the sidebar now just relate to the current theme. If you’re looking for all the other links (from the Amigurumi and Christmas themes), just click ‘Past Theme Links’ from the top of the page (just above the Granny Squares banner) and you will find them all.

How’s everyone doing with their granny squares? Personally, I’ve decided to attempt a mini-granny afghan to liven up the back of my desk chair. I just need to choose my colours and go yarn shopping (oh what a hardship that will be!) and then I’ll be ready to start.

Don’t feel like you have to wait to post until you’ve made a whole blanket, hat, purse, or any of the other granny square projects – if you’ve just made your first square, why not show it off? Can’t figure out how to make one? Post your question and we’ll help you figure it out.

This theme runs until the end of February, so we still have plenty of time to get started and make something. And even if you only have time to make one square… well look at that, you’ve just made a nice coaster or potholder 🙂


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