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For Crochet Day

I was inspired by my Gram to learn to crochet. The single colors afghan was made by my Gram back in the late 30’s-early 40’s.  And actually it was made from yarn that was originally knited into a two piece outfit by my mom when she was about 18-19. When my mom no longer wore the outfit, Gram reworked it into the granny afghan. It was always the one I remember being covered by as a small child. It’s very special to me, and I do have it. Gram had taught me to sew clothing for myself as I grew up, and just out of the blue  one day I asked her to teach me granny squares. I was a stay at home mom when my kids were little and I wanted to do something more than sew. Gram was a good teacher and I was able to learn in no time. That’s when I made the multicolor granny for myself. Gram’s gone now but I have more fond memories of her than I could ever count.grams granny She was so important to me, teaching me to crochet, sew, cook, and alway to love me. I can still remeber sitting at her house and here hands helping me to make that first granny square.

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Crochet & June

For my International Crochet Day post, I thought I would share a photo of my afghan. This was both my crowning glory and my reason for abandoning crochet for almost 2 years:

afghan by planetjune 

I taught myself to crochet (from a book) when I first moved to Canada. My first project was a very simple small afghan with all the squares done in single crochet. It worked up very quickly, and I felt so great after finishing it that I thought I was ready to move onto bigger and better things… Hence the 63 Squares afghan (above).

Yes, it was certainly bigger. And yes, it was a lot better than my first afghan (every square of the afghan is worked in a different stitch). But I got through 20-something squares and then became disheartened – it was so slow! It took ages to figure out the stitch pattern for each square (remember, I was still a beginner), and then as soon as I’d got the hang of it, the square was finished and I had to learn another new stitch… The upshot is, I put my squares away in a box and abandoned crochet altogether.

When I began my blog, I hoped it would encourage me to do more crafting… and it certainly did! I started up on the afghan again, and finally managed to finish it. I feel so proud of this afghan – for me it’s a testament of what you can accomplish if you persevere and don’t give up.

Happy International Crochet Day, everyone, and keep on crocheting!

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My Gran knits, she actually knits beautifully and has tried to teach me all through my childhood. But I am an abysmal knitter, my stitches are too tight and I just don’t have the patience!

But in May this year I started crocheting and I love love love it.  I went to visit my Gran in London recently and she told me her mother loved to crochet and was totally addicted… so it all makes a bit of sense now. She also told me that her grandfather had five wives and kept a hat from each as a souvenir and that her grandmother was buried between her husband and her boyfriend, but that’s beside the point.  

That said, here is the first thing I crocheted, a little dragon…

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My mother taught me everything I needed to know about crochet (and knitting, and weaving, and sewing a zipper, and…) So I would very much want to dedicate my day to her.

And this is my crochet day story:

When I arrived home after being away in school for three years, the first thing I did was dig out all the cool craft stuff and old pattern books in my mothers’ bins. One lovely afternoon, I opened a box filled with hundreds (I am not kidding!) of doilies. All uniform in size and design. It was the remaining stock from my mothers’ trade booth days.

So there I was, wondering what to turn them into! I needed a make-up bag that very instant (LOL,really), so I sewed two doilies together to form the bag, and joined the edges with soft pink crochet thread and a simple edging design.

doily purse

-D And there is still so much of that left. Maybe next time a bed cover. Or a curtain. Or a parasol. I would love to share some with you all if there was a way! It would be quite nice to see what can be done with doilies (aside from being a doily ofcourse!). LOL Well, if ever a need for a doily arises, I’m just here.

Happy Crochet Day Everyone! Hope you all have a wonderful day.

P.S. I enjoy waking up each morning and checking out Crochet Along to see all your wonderful amigurumis!

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Crochet Day!

Good morning everyone!

Crocheting always makes me remember my Grandma.  She was great at crocheting, and was always making crochet gifts for the family…I had an entire wardrobe for my Barbies and cabbage patch dolls (I especially remember my cabbage patch cowgirl outfit and a cute red Barbie dress).  I still have a ton of doilies, pot holders, and afghans that she made.  The big gift was the afghan, and my Mom kept ours in her cedar chest until we were grown up.  Mom teases me because I always said I would get my afghan when I became “a person.”  

Grandma tried to teach me to crochet one summer when I was a kid, and I made a pot holder that only a mother could love…it got so tight that the last rows were about 2″ shorter than the first rows.   Needless to say I was discouraged and gave up pretty easy.  But Grandma kept crocheting (she was 89 when she passed away, but always kept it up).  She had made my son and my step daughter their afghans.  But after she passed away, my Mom and aunts gave me all of her craft supplies as well as a ton of yarn.  Then I found out that I was pregnant again and felt bad that my daughter wouldn’t get a Grandma afghan of her own, so I decided to learn again.  I bought a beginner’s crochet book and have been slowly learning ever since.  I’m still not nearly as good at it as my Grandma, but at least my daughter has a baby afghan, and someday I will start on the big afghan that she will get when she becomes “a person.”  🙂

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Crochet & Eve

I will probably be the first one to kick off International Crochet Day-story telling, since I am in New Zealand and it is September 12th here first.  Happy International Crochet Day!

So here is my story; I have always been a crafty person but never really tried knitting and crocheting. My Mum (hi Mum! I know you are reading this) tried to teach me to knit on many occasion but I did not have the patience when I was young and always ended up with another half finished scarf.

That was untill October ’06 when I stumbled over this blog by Futuregirl and saw this bag. I thought that if crochet could look this good I really wanted to learn it.

So I went to the library, got some books about learing how to crochet and started. The internet was a great help too, there are so many excellent websites with photo tutorials available. This was my first ever finished project all made in, I thought, Single Crochet but having a look at it later it was in Slip Stitch… So that’s why it took forever to make…. 🙂

Almost 1 year later I still really love the simplicity of crochet with just 1 hook and a skein of yarn!

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When surfing the blogosphere I stumbled over a couple of posts stating that International Crochet Day is coming up on the 12th of September. Where will you be? What will you do?

I though it would be nice to all write a little post about “Crochet & You”. Maybe you can post a picture of your favourite crochet spot. Show us all your favourite project you have ever made. Or maybe a little story about who got you into crochet, when and why…..?

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