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Here is the beginning of my Fit To Be Tied purse.


This is actually going to be a Christmas present to myself, so it doesn’t need to be done by Christmas but it would be nice.

I also really want to line it when I am finished. Can anyone give me any tips? Should I line it before I crochet the sides together?


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Hey, two posts in one day… hope I’m not breaking any mod rules, but I wanted to break up the items! ūüôā

So the picture below is of a mistake. It was intended to be a pair of black mittens to match the Dash Dot Dash scarf, but I was using a crap pattern. (Lion Brand’s Family of Mittens crochet pattern apparently is only for those with no thumbs. Seriously, look it up and try to figure out what they meant by that thumb bit!)

After fussing with the thumb for half an hour, and nearly going blind in the process, I knew there was no way I’d ever get around to making another one, so I thought A-HA! Oven mitt! Sure you can’t thrust your hand into anything that’s on fire, nor should you put your hand in a boiling pot of water, but… well… DUH.

Then I took it a little farther, and figured I’d give it to a cook/biker-babe friend of mine who appreciates kitsch, and added some crocheted motorcycle flames.¬† (I knew someday I’d find a use for that leftover fire-colored variaged yarn!)

No really, they’re flames!



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Dash Dot Dash Scarf

The scarf pictured (modeled EVER SO PATIENTLY by my 11-year-old) was done in Lion Brand Homespun (Ebony and Granite) with a sc/dc tradeoff type pattern. When I only did one row of grey in the middle (instead of two like I did on the two sides), it made a lovely dot pattern, as you can see. This of course got me thinking about Morse Code, and I looked it up… dash-dot-dash is the Morse Code for the letter “k”. This scarf is for my friend Kelly, so ya see it’s now personalized!

I can’t lie, though… although I *could* claim to have done this on purpose, it was just a happy coincidence! ūüôā

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Hobo Bag

So, I fnally finished this bag I’m giving to my best friend for Christmas. It’s not that it was hard I just kept changing what size I wanted the bag to be and started over three times. I still need to add some¬†decoration to the outside of the bag but here it is.


 I got the pattern from somewhere on Ravelry. I got my invite two months ago and love it. So many projects now.

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Checking in…

The group has been quiet lately – how’s everyone doing? Are you all mid-project and don’t have anything to show off yet, or has crochet temporarily taken a back seat to other things in your life?

Feel free to post a picture of your work in progress, or any crocheting questions you may have!

If you feel in need of inspiration, here’s a quick project¬†posted into our Flickr pool by¬†Teresa Franco:


Click through and she gives instructions to make these cute little flowers. Aren’t they lovely?

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The Shawl!

I finally finished it!  (actually, on Sunday) Here is the pattern: http://www.knitting-crochet.com/crochet/lonopesha.html

I left out the fringe and I didn’t have the courage to single crochet around. I was just so tired of it!

Pictures of me wearing it on my flickr: here

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Poinsettia Pattern

Hi everyone – just wanted to let you know that my poinsettia pattern is now available: http://www.planetjune.com/blog/free-crochet-patterns/poinsettia/

crocheted poinsettia


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Baby Surri..

hi everyone meat baby Surri…

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† She loves to explore in jungle looking for butterflys and birds….. .. she is about 3 1/2″ ..she will be a great gift for someone..who buys her from my shop…i just wanted to share my little creation with u all..THANK YOU!!


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This morning it finally happened! I think I was almost the last on the list but I finally received my invite from Ravelry. It is an amazing little community. So go and have a look here


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