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My First Post

Hi, everyone. This is my first time posting here, although I’ve been crocheting like a mad-woman lately, trying to get things made for the holidays.

So far, I have a stocking for my daughter, done in purple at her request:

Stocking 2

I also have a traditional red stocking for the new baby in the family, as well as a hi-top shoes & “basketball” gift set. (I was going to put black lines on the ball so it’d look like a basketball, but they looked tacky, so I took them out.) The patterns for the booties & ball came from past issues of Crochet Today magazine.

Crocheted Red Stocking


I’ll be crocheting at least two more stockings in the near future. I also have plans to make a sweater/coat, a adult afghan, and some baby items for the next new addition that will arrive in March, among a lot of other things.

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