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The End of an Era

Dear Crochet Along-ers,
You may have noticed that, although we are up to almost 100 members, the number of active members has dwindled over the past few months until there are now only a few of us still posting. Administering the site and the theme changes takes us a lot of time, and as enthusiasm seems to be waning we just can’t justify spending all that time any more.
It is with great regret that we have decided that we have to close down this group.
It’s not as dire as it sounds: almost all of us have our own blogs, so we can still follow each others’ crocheting adventures. And if you don’t have a blog, maybe this is an opportunity for you to start one! Wordpress provides a 100% free service (it’s what we used for this blog!) and you already have a wordpress username if you are a Crochet Along member, so why not go to http://www.wordpress.com and sign up for your own blog? 
Whether or not you choose to blog, there are other forums and online communities available for you to show off your completed crochet projects and post questions. We like the following sites:
New and old bloggers alike, feel free to leave a comment on this post with the link to your blog, so we can all add each other to our feed readers.  We will leave comments open for a while so everyone has a chance to say au revoir and pass on our website links. We’ll also leave the site up for the forseeable future, as a reference.
Thank you so much for being a part of this site! We have really enjoyed developing this community with you all, and we hope you understand our reasons for having to close it down. It has been a very difficult decision for us to make.
Keep on crocheting! 
June & Eve

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scarflet finished!

I finally finished my tunisian crochet scarflet so it’s all ready for when the cold weather hits. I made it from Bernat Bamboo yarn (sooo soft!) with cute wooden buttons.tunisian crochet scarflet 

I highly recommend posting a pic of your works in progress as a motivator – it really spurred me on to get mine finished!

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I was doing so well…. The horns were looking good & the design for his feet was sorted. I realised that I’ve positioned the slip stitch leg gaps in the tendrils too far apart & Haggis would look very strange indeed with legs on either side of his body! Arrrrrrrrh!! So now I’m going to have to rip back over 100 tendrils to the start of the slip stitch leg gaps to re-position them closer together. For a nano second I considered just ignoring it but I know it would just bug me every time I look at him. So it breaks my heart but here I go……

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I finally finished my aunt’s Asheville scarf. It is the widest scarf I have crocheted, I used an L hook and denim Jiffy yarn, but I really like the width and the way it turned out. 

I am now working on my uncle’s scarf. It is going to be the exact same scarf, I think, but I am using an N hook and a navy Vanna’s Choice yarn. Here is the WIP:

We’ll see how it turns out!

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Here’s another one of my WIPs.  I had started it earlier this year but then set it aside to work on Inga Bags for Summer. I got the pattern because I especially liked the look of the hexagons.  I guess I’d better get working on it now.  It will make a nice fall/winter bag.

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Okay guys, to keep us motivated with our Work In Progress theme, here’s an idea (thanks to kafferepet for this suggestion!) – we’ll have a mini Olympics of our own, where the only event is Crochet! The idea:

  • Use an existing WIP (work in progress) or start a new one
  • Post pics of your progress throughout the Olympics
  • Your challenge is to complete your work by the closing ceremony of the games (August 24th)!
  • You’re only competing against yourself and what you choose to make is up to you. Your items should be some kind of challenge though – it’s not impressive to complete a 1hr amigurumi in the next 17 days!

olympic panda bearlets
Amigurumi Olympic mascots courtesy of flickr user berrysprite

If you want to participate, post a pic of your WIP and then get crocheting! You can post more pics throughout the challenge to show us how you are progressing. And we can all cheer each other on as we get closer to the finish 🙂

Who’s up for the challenge?

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My unfinished ripple



Here’s a picture of the ripple I started in January, along with a few other projects.  I really like it and am looking forward to working on it again, probably this fall.  I can cover my lap and work on it at the same time when the cool crisp weather begins.  Hope I can get it finished this year.

This one is a little bit harder than my first.  For that one I used the Susan B pattern which gave me a lot of confidence-maybe too much.  I don’t know how to describe the pattern in crochet terms but I have to alternate colors at times crocheting over the strand of color not being used.  I did really get the hang of it but I probably should have never set it aside.  Will have to teach myself all over again.

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Wow, it’s August already – how did that happen?! The group has been pretty quiet lately – I’m sure we have a lot of other things vying for our attention in these summer months! So, let’s keep going with the Work In Progress theme for August and see what we can get completed…

In other news: we’re currently cleaning up the Crochet Along Flickr group – we just noticed that it has got swamped with pics that aren’t relevant to our group! This will take some time to complete, as we have to be careful not to remove pics that should be kept in the group. To keep it clean in future, only Crochet Along members may join the group in future, and we’ve added a daily posting limit of 2 pics per day. Please remember to only post pics that support your Crochet Along posts, to keep our eye candy pool nice and clear 🙂

Now, back to the theme: I have some amigurumi on the go (of course) and a tunisian crochet scarflet (above) that I started last winter but never completed. Maybe that should be my WIP goal for this month! What are you working on right now? Leave a comment on this post and fill us in on your current crochet work in progress…

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