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To get prepared for some public watching and major soccer parties I crocheted myself a little purse with just enough room for my mobile, a little wallet and a keychain.


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Busy as the Bees…

I feel the need to chime in with a “I’m not really gone!!”  just trying to wrap things up!!  I’ve been working on several projects, and have only got one to full completion, but no pictures yet!!

Here are my current projects:

A summer hat for me, that I just got finished, but have yet to take pics of…

A spring/summer jacket that I really like but have gotten frustrated with, not just because there are some issues with the pattern, but because the armhole and back edging just doesn’t make any sense. Like my gran says, do the best you can and make it work from there!!

And a monkey for my son, who has been patiently waiting for the last few months for me to finish…
Add to that trying to learn how to knit, full time work and college, a family, etc., it’s no wonder I haven’t finished a darn thing!! LOL!!

So, now you know! Is anybody else out there over extending themselves on projects?

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Jaime is right, our site has been pretty quiet over the last month, so we’re going to shake it up a bit around here to get things going again!

  1. As of June 1st, the Crochet Along theme will be expanded to include ANY amigurumi as well as Summer Crochet. So start taking pics of any ami you’ve made throughout May, because as of June 1st, we want to see them all!
  2. I’d like to thank Tracie for helping me out with the admin side of the site for the past few months. We’re having another admin change this week, and the return of a familiar face 🙂 Stay tuned on June 1st for more on that!
  3. Just an aside: you may have noticed that WordPress now includes a graphic icon when you leave a comment. If you want your own personal avatar to show up, just make sure you’re logged in before posting your comments, otherwise you’ll get one of those random coloured patterns as your icon 🙂

PocketAmi Dragonfly by planetjune
Here’s one of my latest while we wait – I’ll show you some more on Sunday!

So, get your latest amigurumi together, or start making some new ones, and get ready to post them on or after June 1st (that’s this Sunday!) – we’ll remind you when it’s time!

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This is my new little friend “Cleo the Cat”.  She likes to hang out in the bookselves and spy on interesting new characters.

I made Cleo out of some vintage varigated yarn that I found at a thrift shop and she is wearing a little off white t-shirt with vintage buttons sewn on the front.  I made the pattern as I was going, but if you’d like the pattern i’ll try and scratch one out.



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Not dead…yet!

Hi all!  It’s been so quiet around here… must be all that spring cleaning (or fall bundling-up-edness for you southern-hemisphere folks ;))…  I haven’t been slacking, I swear… I have been embroiled in battle!  Over on Ravelry, I got drafted into Killer Bunnies, a battle royale (http://www.ravelry.com/groups/killer-rabbit) and I’m on my second victim!  I actually got a bruise on my pinky.  It’s viscious!  The pattern, Frankebunny, is supposed to be a mishmosh of different stuff, and it’s cute if kind of strange… they did a knitted version too in the spirit of Monty Python, but I fear DPNs.

Bun #1 – He Who Kills – can be found here:



Bun #2 – Angus McBunny, or Dead Bunnies Do Wear Plaid, has been photographed but the negatives are being held for ransom… 🙂

Anyway just sharing what I’ve been up to… what have YOU been doing?

– Jaime

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100th Post Give Away!

To all my friends at Crochet Along…..stop by my blog and enter to win!


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Fat bottom bagI finally finished the FBB, well all but one handle to stitch on. I’m really quite chuffed and can’t believe it’s turned out so well, with no pattern to look at. I kind of thought the black handle/decrease part would look quite nice as there was a lot of pattern going on in the main part of the bag. The handles are black too, so it kind of pulled it together I think.

Fat bottom bagMy Mum has bought me the book, but I couldn’t wait that long, to see the pattern!!

Terrible I know!

I’m starting a much larger version of this now, as it isn’t quite as big as the sort of bag I would normally buy, so this time, I’m using a cream aran mixed with a brown marble from James C Brett. Its still coming out quite striped, but I like it, and its lovely to work with too and its coming out massive, so I think a nice cream lining for that and some brown handles. I might even cover the handles with some leather type thong/thread slip knotted to cover.

Mums cushionMy Mums birthday is on Tuesday, So i decided I might try and make her something. I’ve been quite worried, as I’ve not been crocheting for long, and didn’t want to muck it up and she ends up with a crappy present. I started making a cushion cover on Tuesday and crocheted that in a really nice blue mohair mixed with a DK black I had. Its sooo soft and should be nice for her to cosy up with when shes sitting watching TV or knitting.

Tonight will be spent lining it and getting it all wrapped up nice and neat for sending off on Monday. Happy Birthday Mum! 🙂

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Crocheted shell bookmark for all of your poolside summer reading.  🙂  Has a nice large bead  and tassel and works beautifully in almost any size book. Measures 15 inches tip to tip.  Super fast and super easy project.  I will post my pattern on my blog. 


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Summery Bag


Here’s something pretty and functional – this is from Lion Brand’s pattern list: click me!

(In the interest of smallifying this post, the pic here is teeny… look in the flickr pool for a much better look!)

This bag holds SO MUCH. Seriously. I’ve made this pattern a few times now, sometimes with longer handles for folks who like the cross-chested thing. I added the beads just for yucks.

This was done with just plain-ol’ Red Heart worsted workhorse yarn, and can I say again it holds EVERYTHING you own? 🙂

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amigurumi jellyfish

These fall under Summer….seeing these little guys at the beach make me cringe but these 2 cuties have no stinging power! The pattern is on my blog………

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closeup of mushies

Here is one last book thong for small crochet. I hadn’t had a chance to load the pictures.

I didn’t want to do amigurumi as I wanted the mushie to lay flat…..I like the way they turned out.

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