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Hi, everyone! I’ve been reading posts on Crochet Along for about two years now, but just decided to join.¬† (I know … what took me so long, right? ūüôā )

Anyway, here’s a question I hope someone can help me answer.¬† Last summer I started on a granny square afghan for my fiance’.¬† I still haven’t finished it because it keeps ruffling on me, and I’m afraid he’ll be disappointed by it.¬† (It was my first attempt at anything larger than a scarf.)¬† What am I doing wrong????



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Okay well I was *desperately* trying to finish this afghan before I posted, but due to some other projects that came up (pirate-themed baby booties, for one… no really!), I only finished one strip of 6 for the Rose Garden afghan.

The pattern was one of Annie’s Attic’s free-pattern-of-the-days awhile back, and was called Vineyard or some such thing. It was supposed to be plums and purples, but the colors they recommended weren’t available anymore. My daughter loves rose colors, so I went with dusty rose, a wine colored accent to it that seemed to match (and which I had a metric ton of), sage and ivory. It really will be pretty when it’s done, but OMG those multi-colored grannies! All 70 of them! Update: OH I’M SORRY DID I SAY 70?!¬† I meant 96.¬† NINETY-SIX.¬† 16 squares per strip times 6 strips.¬† Isn’t there a song called 96 Tears?¬† I may start crying, especially if I don’t have enough base grannies sitting and home.¬† Yeesh.

Eventually it will be lovely, but in the meantime here’s a preview (and thanks Val, I will post the finished product when it’s done!):

Rose Garden

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Hello Everyone!

I’m new the¬†group. June kindly explained to a blogging newbie that I did not need to have a word-press blog just a user-name to join your wonderful group! Thank you June! I am based in Scotland and am brand new to blogging and running my own website, but not to crochet! I am a huge Granny fan who wants to learn how to make Amigurumi which is why this group seemed so ideal. The work on here is beautiful and now I am ‘official’ I can actually comment instead of just going ‘ahhhh’ all the time.

My own Grannies are pretty basic and mostly blankets for charity but I have tried the odd bag, sachet, cushion etc using Grannies too as they are so versatile!? This blanket is fresh off the hook and I thought I would share it. It is a combinations of stash squares and yarn and a burst of inspiration that finally helped me to see what I could do with them together:

Denim Blanket 

I am looking forward to getting to know everyone and admiring your lovely work some more.

Best Wishes, Lindsay :0)

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Around the Block


This is kinda like a granny square, only a bit different. It’s the beginnings of the Round the Block afghan from the book 24-Hour Crochet Projects. Instead of making a lot of smaller squares, the square on this one will only get bigger until it becomes a 50x50ish-sized blanket.

I love the ruffles, and right now, I love the shades of pink, but that will change. I’m stash-busting as I do this project, using up worsted weight yarn in my stash that has no particular purpose. I’ve made this afghan once before and really liked the results. I think sometime I may actually make one in just the pink/reddish hues, but it’ll have to be at a time I’m not trying to use up yarns I already have. Will post the finished project when it’s done!

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kitty closeup

mouse closeup

baby afghan

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I’ve started!

I’ve picked out my colours and bought the yarn for my granny throw.¬†It’s exciting! These are my first squares:

first granny squares

Now I just have to make another 36 squares like these…

In other news, now we have so many group members I’ve been wondering who we all are! I’ve added a new page called Users (the link is at the top, above¬†the banner), with a list of our members and their webpages. I took the list from everyone’s wordpress accounts. If you’re not on the list and would like to be, let me know your username and website and I’ll add you! Check them out and see who else is Crocheting Along ūüôā

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Double Grannies

I had a variety of baby pink yarns and thought this grannie along would be perfect to use some of it up!¬† What great inspiration!¬† So, here are some grannies I’ve been working on.¬† I am using 2 threads at a time to make it a bit fluffier.¬† It will be a baby shower gift for a friend.¬†¬† I will be adding a couple crochet critters… on 2 of the squares and will submit that post when finished.¬†

double grannies

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