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Here are a couple of photos of some scarves I’ve been working on.  The black and white one is almost done-it needs some fringe.  I made it using Icelandic Jewels yarn from Hobby Lobby.  If you haven’t seen it before It’s a really soft yarn with flecs of  color woven in that really don’t affect the main yarn colors, just adds a little pizazz.  If you look closely you might see them in this picture.  The great thing is that it normally sells for over 5.00 a ball and Hobby Lobby periodically has it on sale for .99.  Needless to say I’ve accumulated quite a bit, buying 5-10 balls whenever its on sale, and different colors.  I know I have enough to make a few afghans and lots more scarves.  This scarf took  1 1/2 balls  each of black and white.  I did make it pretty long wanting it to be a nice warm wrap around scarf.  It’s done in triple and some double crochet going the length of the scarf. I found some patterns at christinascrochethaven.com.   She’s another one of those great people posting free patterns for us to use. I had made a couple of scarves last year from her patterns exactly, learning something new and then was able to improvise, mainly using more triple crochets and a bigger hook making it go faster.  The other is just worked in shells of double crochets  out of a fine boucle yarn.  I’ll probably make a couple more and then donate them all to my quilt guild for our Christmas party/ auction.  Last year the two I made went for 18.00 and 20.00 which I thought was pretty good.  We had such a variety of items-quilted, knitted ,crocheted, hand crafts, baked goods canned items-and when it was all done we had made about 1400. for our treasury.  Not too bad for a afternoon of fun.

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Crocheted Cables Bag

Well other than my Inga bag that I started – which is ridiculously cuggly (cute + ugly) due to the harvest-medley variegated crappy yarn I’m using (seriously this may become my favorite bag) – I only have this one other WIP! And I wonder why I can’t finish anything. 😉

This is from Lion Brand (the “All Occasion Tote Bag”). They recommended their cotton yarn (natch) but I ended up using Sugar n’ Cream in BFP (Bright F’in Purple) and it’s been pretty fun to do. I have, as I’ve mentioned, a ridiculously tight gauge (I think there might be some therapy needed for this) so it’s going to be the sturdiest bag on the planet – possibly bullet proof – but it’s definitely interesting to work on. I like how the cables look.

PS… Bamboo-handled hooks are the BEST EVER.

My hands hurt.

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Here are a couple of photos of a finished Inga Bag and one in progress.  The finished one, I made for my daughter and the multi color and yellow is mine.  They’re made from “Peaches and Cream” cotton yarns.  This is my first time making these so it’s probably been more of an experiment than anything.  There are some really gorgeous bags being made from some beautiful yarns and I hope to go shopping for some very nice yarn and make another for myself.  If some of you haven’t seen the Inga bags at various blogs there is a specific block pattern.  But you could choose another average  size Granny Square Pattern for a different look.  I did with with the second bag I’m working on.

This WIP theme is great.  WIP’s are one thing I have plenty of, so I’ll have some things to show this month.  I love crocheting.  My problem is I keep seeing more things I want to make.  I guess with me it’s start five, finish one ad so on and so on for myself.  I am also a quilt maker so I have Quilt Wip’s too.  A lot of my own crochet and quilting gets put aside this time of year when I start thinking about Christmas gifts.  While I work on things for gifts some of my own WIP’s will have to stay that way for a while longer.

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Karma’s Dress

Another WIP… this will get done eventually, but the skirt is just taking forever!  Round after round after round of the same thing = my ADD kicks in and I magically find something else to do after only 3 rows!  🙂

I’m saving the fun part for last, namely finishing the top of the back bodice (never thought I’d be so excited about increasing and decreasing), and the eventual finish to the argyle design with some back-stitching.  The pattern asks for an embroidered chain, but I’m WAY too lazy ;)… seriously, when I tried it, due to the square nature of the holes, getting the perfect diagonal was IMPOSSIBLE… a back-stitch is much easier to beat into submission.

This is for my niece Karma, who is 5 months old now – “know thyself” is awfully good advice, and in this case quite sage – I chose to make the 18 month size.  heehee

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The $200 Afghan

So I bought this yarn. It was such lovely yarn, what with it’s greens and purples, and ribbons wrapped through, and sure maybe I didn’t necessarily NEED 24 skeins of it, but when the original price was 7.94 and they were selling it for 99 CENTS, seriously how could I resist? Nearly $200 in yarn for about $25. Such a deal.

giant granny yarn giant granny yarn 2

But then I had all this yarn. What to do with it?

giant granny

Naturally. It’s a work in progress, and it’s HEAVY…I’m using a P hook (I think, it’s big and plastic) with 2 strands. It will make a fine back-of-the-couch cuddler for those long mountain winters! (I’m in Colorado.)

PS… Thanks to my lovely daughter for being so accommodating.

PPS… I just have to say I’m still practically weeping with joy that my Rose Garden afghan is NO LONGER a w.i.p.

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Happy July, everyone! Today is the first day of our new theme: Work In Progress (or WIP for short). The idea of this theme is to finish up some of those crocheted projects you have lying around that you just never seem to find the time to complete.

Of course, this also means that if you’re still working on some summer crochet or amigurumi from the old theme, this would be a great time to finish them up and post them here! WIP will run for the whole of July.

You may have noticed our wonderful new banner, created by our own jbirren, and featuring a lovely watercolour by the talented Susan Beauchemin – click through to her blog to see some more of her artwork. Thanks to Jaime for creating the banner and to Susan for graciously allowing us to use her crochet hook painting.

Welcome to the new theme! Post as much as you like – we want to see all your crocheted projects 🙂

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