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I did it!

I finally know the excitement that everyone feels as they finish their first amigurumi! Thanks to encouragement and inspiration from the ladies here, i finished the “Scott the Bear” free pattern from the Lion Brand website. I am waiting on my friend’s camera cord to post a picture, and in the meantime I am working away on the free bunny pattern from the same site. Working in the round/using a stitch marker isn’t scary after all! 🙂

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How about making some Christmas-related ornaments or decorations this year? Here are some snowflakes I made last year:

snowflakes by planetjune

I’ve added a new ‘Christmas’ category in the sidebar with links to a few great patterns, but there are hundreds of other ideas out there – here are some directories of Christmas patterns.

Thanks to Tracy for these links – please let me know (craft@planetjune.com) if you find any more great links we should add to our list!

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Only a couple more days and we are starting on a brand new crochet along. I am so excited I can hardly wait! Anyway here is some inspiration… (all the links are in the sidebar)

The Amelia Bag by Roman Sock or our very own Brie. I love this bag so much!! It does look rather complicated hopefully I can ask you for help along the way. 🙂

Pretty Coral Necklace at Berrocco. If I make this in cotton with nice summery colors I can still give this. (Christmas in New Zealand is in summer..!)

I love the idea of this rag rug. Has anybody ever made something like this? It seems quite quick to work up and working with strips of fabric is new to me too.

This comfort pack was found on Crochet Me here looks like I am going to make a few of these. Go and have a look at the *re-newed* Crochet Me anyway. They have changed the look of the site.

And this Crop Cardigan might be a nice project to sneak in for yourself… 😉

And I have not mentioned any of the crocheted and felted patterns you can find on the net. Heaps of inspiration also on Whip-Up Craftzine (thanks for the link Jaime) and Craftster.

Good luck everybody with the new theme I am really curious what you are making, hopefully we get to see an enormous variety of projects over the next 8 weeks.


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Hi Everybody,

With the new theme only a couple days away, I have to ask you all for some pattern help. Please e-mail us (eve: land_office@xtra.co.nz or June: craft@planetjune.com ) your best free pattern links. It is always nice to get some new inpsiration…

Thanks Eve & June

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I finally finished!

Okay, with major help from Eve (and from somebody else who suggested using a stitch marker – thank you!), I finally finished my Basic Birds. I had to redo the first one I made about five times, but the second one went much more smoothly.

I am still in shock that I made something round…it makes me feel that I could go on and tackle bigger things!

Anyway, here’s the picture:

basic birdies

My husband named the one on the right Hector. We’re not sure what the pink one’s name is.

**One question for those who made Basic Bird — I haven’t attached the felt beaks yet. How did you attach them? Thanks!

Thanks for the help, Eve! You’re the best; I couldn’t have finished these without you. 🙂

Holli Jo

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Are you ready?…

It seems that we are almost done with the amigurumi theme and I was thinking it might be a good idea to start our next theme “Christmas-Along” 2 weeks early. This gives people that are still working on their Amigurumi a chance to post them.

Please leave a comment whether you would like to start the next theme on the 1st of October or not.

I think the first theme was a huge success and I am already very excited to see what everybody comes up with for the Christmas gifts…

Thanks Eve

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Here it is! My entire breakfast meal.

I would love to make more pieces, but I think it is time I start on some of my Christmas presents.

Thanks for all of the great patterns. I have printed out a lot of them, and will try them whenever I find some spare time.

I can’t wait for the Christmas crochet along to start mid October.

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