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It’s World Environment Day on the 5th of June so I thought it would be nice to show you some amazing recycled shopping bags crochet from around the net.

The picture of the flowers is from Arbel Egger (see link at the top of the page).

You have probably all seen the amazing work of Gooseflesh. She crochets freeform sea creatures out of plastic shopping bags and other materials. Have a look through Helle’s site and Flickr photos to get inspired.

Have a look on Instructables for an excellent tutorial with pics on how to make yarn from your collection of plastic shopping bags.

I found a pattern for this Round Plastic Bag Tote  from Marlo’s Crochet corner.

I hope you feel inspired to make something beautiful out of something that normally ends up in the rubbish. I would love to see some amigurumi made out of this, so if you have done some come and show it!

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How about making some Christmas-related ornaments or decorations this year? Here are some snowflakes I made last year:

snowflakes by planetjune

I’ve added a new ‘Christmas’ category in the sidebar with links to a few great patterns, but there are hundreds of other ideas out there – here are some directories of Christmas patterns.

Thanks to Tracy for these links – please let me know (craft@planetjune.com) if you find any more great links we should add to our list!

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Only a couple more days and we are starting on a brand new crochet along. I am so excited I can hardly wait! Anyway here is some inspiration… (all the links are in the sidebar)

The Amelia Bag by Roman Sock or our very own Brie. I love this bag so much!! It does look rather complicated hopefully I can ask you for help along the way. 🙂

Pretty Coral Necklace at Berrocco. If I make this in cotton with nice summery colors I can still give this. (Christmas in New Zealand is in summer..!)

I love the idea of this rag rug. Has anybody ever made something like this? It seems quite quick to work up and working with strips of fabric is new to me too.

This comfort pack was found on Crochet Me here looks like I am going to make a few of these. Go and have a look at the *re-newed* Crochet Me anyway. They have changed the look of the site.

And this Crop Cardigan might be a nice project to sneak in for yourself… 😉

And I have not mentioned any of the crocheted and felted patterns you can find on the net. Heaps of inspiration also on Whip-Up Craftzine (thanks for the link Jaime) and Craftster.

Good luck everybody with the new theme I am really curious what you are making, hopefully we get to see an enormous variety of projects over the next 8 weeks.


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Here are some inspirational links to see what Amigurumi is all about…

Avocadolite Farm check out there Farm and Ex-Farm Members, they have also got a very addictive game called Farm Hustle…

Puchitomato has some excellent photos of here work on her blog.


And have a look here for Anapaulaoli’s Flickr Sets. All here patterns she has on here blog have been listed in the sidebar as well.

and in general if you look for Amigurumi on Flickr you see some pretty out there stuff…

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