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Just before the deadline….!

I just made these for my friend’s son’s 5th birthday (it was the 21st of June).  I am totally pleased with the way they came out.  I had grand expectations to finish Splinter the Rat before the birthday but i’m not so good at forcing myself to finish projects by a certain date – it seems to take the fun out of making it!

Teenage Mutuant Ninja Turtles – complete with eye masks and belt








Yes – they are napping on my bed before they had to be locked in a box for the party!

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This is my new little friend “Cleo the Cat”.  She likes to hang out in the bookselves and spy on interesting new characters.

I made Cleo out of some vintage varigated yarn that I found at a thrift shop and she is wearing a little off white t-shirt with vintage buttons sewn on the front.  I made the pattern as I was going, but if you’d like the pattern i’ll try and scratch one out.



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amigurumi jellyfish

These fall under Summer….seeing these little guys at the beach make me cringe but these 2 cuties have no stinging power! The pattern is on my blog………

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closeup of mushies

Here is one last book thong for small crochet. I hadn’t had a chance to load the pictures.

I didn’t want to do amigurumi as I wanted the mushie to lay flat…..I like the way they turned out.

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Summer Crochet time!

The weather may not be quite there yet, but summer’s on its way, so let’s prepare by crocheting up lots of summery stuff!

Hope you like the new banner- I thought it would help to get us in the mood! And we’ll have some more links up for you in the sidebar shortly.

Welcome to Summer Crochet!

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Rainbow bright

Rainbow bright

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Yet another hat! I love making hats, they are just so interest and, of course, instant!

I made this hat for the same woman that I made the other hat for. It was made with Caron Simply Soft Brites in yellow, blue, green and pink. This hat should brighten up anyones day, no matter how gray it may be.

I think I am going to have to make one for me, simply because it would be a beautiful shot of color in the middle of winter.

I got the pattern from ravelry. If anyone wants the specifics, let me know and I’ll find the blog it came from! (I just don’t have it in front of me right now…and I’m really supposed to be writing a paper for class!)

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The Octosibs

Here are my 3 OctoSibs for a swap I’m in. I put little flowers on the larger blue one but didn’t take a picture until later. I found the patterns online for free on craftster and flickr

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