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Karma’s Dress

Another WIP… this will get done eventually, but the skirt is just taking forever!  Round after round after round of the same thing = my ADD kicks in and I magically find something else to do after only 3 rows!  🙂

I’m saving the fun part for last, namely finishing the top of the back bodice (never thought I’d be so excited about increasing and decreasing), and the eventual finish to the argyle design with some back-stitching.  The pattern asks for an embroidered chain, but I’m WAY too lazy ;)… seriously, when I tried it, due to the square nature of the holes, getting the perfect diagonal was IMPOSSIBLE… a back-stitch is much easier to beat into submission.

This is for my niece Karma, who is 5 months old now – “know thyself” is awfully good advice, and in this case quite sage – I chose to make the 18 month size.  heehee


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My First Post

Hi, everyone. This is my first time posting here, although I’ve been crocheting like a mad-woman lately, trying to get things made for the holidays.

So far, I have a stocking for my daughter, done in purple at her request:

Stocking 2

I also have a traditional red stocking for the new baby in the family, as well as a hi-top shoes & “basketball” gift set. (I was going to put black lines on the ball so it’d look like a basketball, but they looked tacky, so I took them out.) The patterns for the booties & ball came from past issues of Crochet Today magazine.

Crocheted Red Stocking


I’ll be crocheting at least two more stockings in the near future. I also have plans to make a sweater/coat, a adult afghan, and some baby items for the next new addition that will arrive in March, among a lot of other things.

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