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Okay well I was *desperately* trying to finish this afghan before I posted, but due to some other projects that came up (pirate-themed baby booties, for one… no really!), I only finished one strip of 6 for the Rose Garden afghan.

The pattern was one of Annie’s Attic’s free-pattern-of-the-days awhile back, and was called Vineyard or some such thing. It was supposed to be plums and purples, but the colors they recommended weren’t available anymore. My daughter loves rose colors, so I went with dusty rose, a wine colored accent to it that seemed to match (and which I had a metric ton of), sage and ivory. It really will be pretty when it’s done, but OMG those multi-colored grannies! All 70 of them! Update: OH I’M SORRY DID I SAY 70?!  I meant 96.  NINETY-SIX.  16 squares per strip times 6 strips.  Isn’t there a song called 96 Tears?  I may start crying, especially if I don’t have enough base grannies sitting and home.  Yeesh.

Eventually it will be lovely, but in the meantime here’s a preview (and thanks Val, I will post the finished product when it’s done!):

Rose Garden


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