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Look who joined in… 

Well thats them…i need ur guys help in nameing one more member.. let me tell u about him a little..he love to accecarise…but if being confranted about how cute he is .. he becomes Shy….  

He made made with reg red heart yarn…so now for sure..i know my pattern is good to go…but need to put it in good formet….thank you everyone….sugest a name for him?! thank you…


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A cup of tea

I finally finished my tea cup to go along with my little egg.

Only one more thing to go until my breakfast is complete.

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I wanted to design something that made people smile so here is a little tree frog…

I have added a tutorial for this little guy. He is really easy to make:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Name My Dragon!

Okay, finished a dragon…the pic on the left shows the colors better, but I wanted to show off the wings too!

I added a little gold embroidery thread to his spiney bits, although not to the wings (couldn’t see it anyway)… I also omitted the ears, because they made him look like a demented aardvark. 🙂

Now he needs a name… ideas? Mine were all lame, like Draco or Mean Greenie or That Thing That Gave Me Carpal Tunnel.

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Amazing Apples

Number 3 on my list were definately these apples. (see pattern in the sidebar under Bushels of Apples.) They are so very easy and quick to make you really want to make a whole lot. I already got suggestions from people what to do with them; keyrings, napkin holders etc etc So go on and make yourself a few.

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My First Amigurumi


Here’ a pic of my first amigurumi ever,  my punkin.  I’m not going to say much this time just want to get this posted. You can read more about my amigurumi adventure at my blog “Fabric and Yarn Stasher.”  As a first timer to Word Press and Flikr, this was a whole new experience. I just have settled in with my site at Blogger and am amazed at what I’ve learned to do. Never thought i could learn to blog, let alone post pictures. I really didn’t think I could learn to do this since I didn’t even know about URLs.  A BIG thanks goes to Eve for walking me through.        

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I finally got batteries in my camera to take this little guy’s picture.  I’ll admit that I don’t have much experience crocheting in the round….if you need a scarf, or squares, I’m you girl.  But for some reason, the times that I’ve done rounds, my projects end up leaning as if they are taller on one side than on the other.  Which is why my poor little chicken looks kinda crooked and lumpy.  But that’s okay, I still love him!  Has anyone else ever had the problem I have, and if so, what am I doing wrong? 


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